Lion on the lookout

Beautiful morning light and this lion was posing for us in Botswana

Stop! Elephant crossing

Tsessebe in Botswana

Look at those eyes... One of the fastest antelopes out there, the tsessebe

Lioness hunting

Getting ready for the nightly hunt...

Leopard walking his territory

Just before the sun was about to set in Botswana this leopard was walking his round to mark his territory

Leopard out of her hiding spot

Lion cub and his brother

Curious but also tired, these cubs were watching us in Botswana

Hippos during sunrise

These hippos were playing during a proper African sunrise

Reedbuck en profile

Reedbuck in Botswana

African Wild Dog puppies on the lookout!

These African Wild Dog puppies stick together no matter what!

Leopard ready to take a nap

This leopard was relaxing just before he went to sleep

Lilac-breasted roller

Lilac-breasted roller in a tree in South Africa

Now you see me...

This cheetah was hiding in the bush

Herd of buffalo at the end of the day

While driving back to camp, we stumbled upon these lovely animals...

Elephant in Black and White

Close up of an elephant in Addo National Park

A whale's tail

Southern right whale in Algoa Bay, Port Elizabeth

Lion in the sunset

Beautiful creature in the sunset!

Giraffe silhouettes

Photographing into the sun, these four giraffes seem to be posing for the camera

Herd of Elephants drinking

Drinking Elephants in Addo National Park in South Africa

Grazing zebra

Grazing zebra in Addo National Park, South Africa

Elephants in love

As if they knew I was taking this shot...

African Openbill

Wonderfull bird!

Lion licking his lips

Old 'dagger boy'

This old male African Buffalo is coming back from a mud bad. Those old males are also called 'dagger boys'

Family portrait in Kruger National Park

Screaming Waterbuck

A young waterbuck shouting out loud

Stop and stare

This vervet monkey was sitting right next to our car while on safari in Kruger National Park

Sleeping beauties

Dreaming of some more grass?

Out to explore

This young duskey leaf monkey wants to explore while mom is watching...

Sitting on the dock of the river

This baby baboon in Kruger seems to be quite safe with mom...

Watch out! Hippo approaching

While doing a boattrip in Moremi National Park, Botswana, we stumbled upon this very alert Hippo!

Lion in the morning sun

On our way to Savuti, Botswana this lion was relaxing in the shadow...

Crocodile having lunch

While at the Dombo Hippo Pool in Botswana this croc was having lunch...

Thirsty lioness

Late in the afternoon we followed a thirsty lioness towards the river...

Mighty lion to be

While the sun set this Lion was wandering around

Gray go away bird

Gray go away bird sitting in a tree

Zebras in panorama

Drinking Zebras in Kruger National Park

Eating the bush away

Eating African Elephant in Kruger National Park

Mating Rhinos

We were incredibly lucky to see this rare and unique scene... Two mating rhinos!

Jackass penguin hatching an egg

On Boulders beach this penguin was hatching an egg...

Grazing zebra

Waiting for the rain...

Giraffes in the sunset

Beautiful silhouettes...

Smiling elephant in the sun

Elephant eating before sunset

Tsessebe en-profil

Posing tsessebe, what a creature!

'Dagger boy' in Botswana

This lonely Cape Buffalo, also called a ' Dagger Boy' was eating away...

Wild African Penguin

These African Penguins were taking a bath on St. Croix island, South Africa

(Too) close to an elephant

Elephant up close

Sleeping beauty

Portrait of a Lion

Giraffes in the sunset

Giraffes in the sunset

Pelicans in the sunset

Just before we went back to our camp we saw this group of Pelicans

Fighting hippos

While on a boat these hippos were fighting!

Leopard on the lookout

Walking in the grass...

Group of Zebras

Posing zebras in front of our camera

Hyena on the go

Hyena in the morning sun in Botswana

King of the jungle in Botswana

Lying in the morning sun, this lion was tired from the night before

African Fish Eagle

Waiting on his next prey

Vulture seeking food

After being attacked by two lions the vultures knew what to do with this elephant. Chobe National Park - Botswana

Vulture in a tree

Enjoying the sunset...

Waterbuck eating

Everyone has got to eat...

Leopard on the move

Walking her rounds

Lilac-breasted roller in Botswana

Just caught the glimpse of sun in the eyes

Cape Buffalo eating

Spotted in Botswana

Cuteness overload: Wild dog puppies

Here comes the pack of the future: wild dogs!

Kudu in the morning

Looking straight into the camera

Wild dog puppies

They gotta stick together!

Hippo in his habitat

Look what we encountered during a boat trip in Namibia...

Wild dog in Botswana

Right place, right time!

Coppery-tailed coucal in Botswana

During sunrise...

Herd of Kudus in Black and White

Driving past these male kudus, we were being looked at...

Friend, lovers or nothing?

These Hippos were constantly trying to be on top

African Wild Dog

What a creature...

Just before sunset

Drinking elephants just before the sun was about to set

What are you looking at?

Instead of flying, this eagle chose to approach his prey on foot

Black-backed Jackal (with an elephant)

Drinking black-backed Jackal in Botswana. The elephant in the background completes this photo ;)

Giraffe eating

Hungry for more leaves

Family on the move

Family portrait in Botswana

Curious little lion cub

While the whole family was sleeping in the shadows, this lion cub found our car to be way more interesting

Lion and a kudu

Lion and his kill...

Leopard in black and white

Open your mouth :)

Common reedbuck in Botswana

Stop and stare

Eagle on the lookout

Hidden in the tree...

Cooling down

Elephant in the river in Botswana

Desert lion in Botswana

While driving through the dry parts of Botswana we stumbled upon this desert lion early in the morning

Roaring lion

During sunrise this lion was roaring away

Common kestrel in the Netherlands

This Common Kestrel was waiting for his portrait to be made

Meerkat looking at the camera

Just in time...

Lion standing over his prey

While watching a lion pride in Botswana in the morning this poor Kudu came around. She did not see the big lion pride and was an easy prey for the lioness. However, this male lion was the one that had a nice 'breakfast'.

Lilac-breasted roller in a tree

While in Africa, check out these amazing birds :)

Lazy leopard after kill

On one of our morning drives in Chobe National Park, Botswana this leopard was resting near his kill.

Walking around in the sun

While they say the male lions are in charge, this male lion was so in love with this female that he was following her everywhere!